Each day there will be seminars. These are an opportunity to grow and be equipped. We are really excited for these seminars. We are bringing together some of the best leaders in Europe who are leaders in their field.

You are able to book into seminars through our booking system. You can choose a different seminar for each day.


Day 1 – Revival Using Creativity and the Performing Artswith Nancy Goudie.

Session Overview: during this session we will explore and begin to understand the culture of today and, in particular, the youth culture. We will be looking at creativity and how the performing arts / media can be used in evangelism. We will share stories of how God has moved in this country in the last 40 years, particularly using the performing arts. Delegates will come away with expanded thinking of how to create heavenly ideas that work within today’s culture.


Nancy Goudie heads up the creative and innovative New Generation Music. She has written 15 books as well as many articles for magazines and newspapers including her own yearly magazine and is regularly on radio and has programmes on TV.


Day 2 – Kingdom Writing Masterclass with Mark Stibbe.

Session Overview: growing numbers of people are feeling called to become writers in the Kingdom of God. Most of these have the passion to write, but not necessarily the craft. In this session, Mark Stibbe will pass on to us the most important writing tips that he wished someone had taught him thirty years ago, when he first started writing books. He will share some of the essential ingredients that go into creating a unique, compelling and memorable book – one that stands out in the eyes of prospective publishers, and then subsequently in the eyes of readers.


Mark Stibbe is the bestselling and award-winning author of over fifty books and has recently been described by the New York Times as “an acclaimed Christian author”. Mark also runs ‘Kingdom Writing Solutions’ with his wife, Cherith.


Day 3 – Prophetic Art; Walking in Favour with Mayra Pankow.

Session Overview: when you have found your true identity (knowing deep in you that GOD is your father) and have learned to trust HIM, and then positioned yourself as a son/daughter of your Church leaders, honouring, loving and serving their vision with what you have, with your skills, you will find yourself stepping into your call, but most of all walking in the favour that your leaders have. Looking at how to navigate in favour and overcoming some of the challenges that we encounter, and how to stay focused on your call and not be overwhelmed by the demand.


Mayra Pankow is the director of Prophetic Art Ministry in the Christu Gemeinde in Duisburg, Germany and a leader in the European Christian Arts Movement which has exhibited at ELA the past 2 years. Mayra is an accomplished artist and passionate about the affect art can have in transforming people.



To receive the most from this track, delegates are encouraged to book all 3 days as each day builds on the previous one. With Pete and Kim Carter.



1. The importance of an apostolic and prophetic foundation and what that looks like.

2. How to build a senior leadership team that is united and pursuing a single vision.

3. Creating an empowering leadership culture that functions by honour and does not reach for the levers of hierarchy.

4. Making sure all 5-fold gifts are functioning healthily in your environment.

5. Creating culture and how to develop healthy cultures that are value-driven.

In all of this, we will be embracing ideas of equality, freedom and the priority of the manifest presence of God. We are drawing on our many years of experience of leading churches, planting churches, successfully working alongside churches in difficulty and, in recent years, transitioning our environments to the new culture we have been learning from Bethel Church. We would love to share our experience with you, and how we navigated the many challenges and potential diversions to achieve healthy outcomes.


Pete and Kim Carter

Pete provides leadership, vision, strategy, faith and inspiration to Eastgate – a thriving church in Gravesend, Kent. He started leading the church in 1988 when there were about 25 adults and 10 children. More than 20 years later he continues to be amazed at what God has done and is doing amongst the church. Kim leads Eastgate School of Supernatural Life and oversees World Changers (children in Eastgate) and reaching out to families in the wider community. Her passion is to see people flourish and grow and to see transformation of communities.




Day 1A Taste of What Sozo is and How to Begin the Journey with Liz Gregg.

Session Overview: the session will give an overview of what Sozo is and the various Sozo tools that are available. A brief overview of the 4 main basic tools will be given – the Father Ladder, four doors, presenting Jesus and The Wall. This will be done interactively so that delegates can experience some of the Sozo tools and the freedom that they bring. In the session there will also be the opportunity to find out about the other types of Sozo such as financial, art, chidren’s and Sozo for Couples. The session will give delegates a taster of what Sozo is and how they begin the Sozo journey to be able to implement it in their own church. It will not be the full Sozo training but will be an opportunity to experience it and understand it for themselves.


Liz Gregg: Liz  lives to see Kingdom truth bring complete healing and release to the most broken, marginalised and damaged in society. A qualified counsellor, Bethel Sozo facilitator and mother of three, now grown children, Liz ministers and teaches with love, grace and power. She takes the lessons from over forty years of following Jesus and makes them available to all. Liz is co author of Sozo for Couples, and financial sozo ‘go-to’ person. Liz and her husband Stuart are church leaders, and run Kingdom Ministries which equips Christians to live Kingdom-focused lives. Together they run Celebrate Supernatural School of Ministry in Bradford.


Day 2How to run with the horses with Arianna Walker.

Session Overview: this practical, interactive session will explore the differences between pressure and stress and how we, as Christian leaders, can understand the why behind the what of our own behaviours, and help to identify the tools that will enable us to better access the emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being required to lead people- not just from the platform but in everyday life. Using decades of pastoral experience, biblical examples and personal testimonies, Arianna Walker will help equip delegates to be the kind of leaders who lead from the inside out- leaders who know how to strengthen themselves in God, who are comfortable with vulnerability and authenticity, yet have the resilience needed for the long haul.


Arianna Walker: is a speaker, author and CEO of Mercy UK, a Christian charity that exists to educate, equip and empower Christians to walk in the freedom which Christ died to give them. Mercy UK runs a free-of-charge residential home for young women with life-controlling issues, delivers pastoral leadership training days to church leaders and ‘people helpers’. In 2017 she launched an 8 week discipleship course Keys to Freedom.


Day 3Mental Health in the Church with Alison Wilson.

Session Overview: we are all in contact with people who struggle with their mental health; whether in a pastoral role or in our families, friends or work colleagues. Sometimes we are aware of their fragility and sometimes not but, either way, are we ready and equipped to support?  This seminar will give you a greater knowledge of how to deal with people who self harm and how to support their families. Mental health issues are on the increase; we will help you understand when mental health goes beyond pastoral care or family / friendly support, as well as  providing you with a greater knowledge of suicide and when/where to get help. If we are not equipped we can miss opportunities,  or even make things worse. Whilst this is a limited overview, it is a practical workshop designed to offer a toolbox of practical strategies.


Alison Wilson: is one of West Yorkshire’s leading life coaches with a background in both the financial services industry as well as in education, where she specialised in behavioural management. Ali launched her coaching business, initially working in conjunction with Occupation Health Bradford, supporting staff members struggling to return to work following long-term sickness’ absence. This proved incredibly successful and has expanded into a highly effective sickness’ absence prevention programme.     Alison is qualified with a Level 1 CBT coaching certificate and is also a Mental Health First Aider. She has gone on to write and develop a resilience training course which is currently running in various settings including Yorkshire Water, West Yorkshire Schools, Avant Homes, West Yorkshire Probation and Wakefield Council. Alison is a member of the Ministry Team at New Hope Christian Fellowship in Bradford and leads the women’s outreach ministry where they offer mental health support and ministry.


Day 1Cultivating a Presence Lifestyle with Stu and Chloe Glassborow

Session overview: we will be talking, teaching and demonstrating the Biblical concept of God’s presence, how to relate to it and how to live a life based on it. What it is and what it isn’t. Mistakes and glory stories and testimonies of both. The presence of God, is when God is present. We are called and created to live in Christ, as sons and daughters. Biblical Christianity isn’t about concepts but relationship, and every discipline we have in our faith should lead to enhanced presence-based living that is more real to us than any human being. Stu and Chlo have learned and lived this for many years and lead multiple ministries based on this practice. This session will be informative but also, more importantly, practical, as we learn what His Presence can look like at home, at work and in ministry.


Stuart and Chloe are part of the Senior Leadership Team of Catch The Fire World and are founding pastors of Catch The Fire London Church. They have an incredible personal testimony of forgiveness and healing, and have a passion to see the full revelation of our Trinitarian God impact and transform the nations of the world. They are Founding Directors of The Kenyan Children’s Project, an NGO that works to rescue, restore and reintegrate the most vulnerable children in Western Kenya. Stuart is also a business consultant in the veterinary sphere, specialising in leadership, team dynamics and personal growth.’


Day 2 – Extravagant Worship with Robin & Claire Dillamore & Rich Castiglione

Session Overview: Worship is the pinnacle of human experience and our only possible response when we see God for who He really is. We are witnessing an unprecedented move of God: growing numbers of God’s people are discovering that worship is far more than something we do for half an hour on a Sunday morning, and different expressions of extended worship and prayer are springing up in towns and cities across Europe. In homes, community centres, churches, and even tents, worshippers burning with passion for Jesus are lifting up His name and shifting atmospheres, changing the face of the church and transforming their communities. Our eyes have been opened to what God can do in our hearts in times of extended devotion, and many have been drawn into experiences of deep intimacy with Him.

Among key movements in this unfolding drama are David’s Tent UK and Burn 24-7. David’s Tent is an annual 72-hour worship event in the south of England. Burn 24-7 now has ‘furnaces’ all over the UK and Europe – places where people gather regularly from different streams and denominations in a city for hours of uninterrupted worship. Both find their basis in the secret that King David learned 3,000 years ago – how day-and-night worship is key in transforming the nations.


Robin and Claire Dillamore

Robin and Claire Dillamore are worshippers based in Chester, UK where they lead a developing community-based House of Prayer and direct the Burn 24-7 Chester ‘Furnace’. They are passionate about seeing unified and sustainable expressions of extended worship and prayer embedded in towns and cities across the nations. In Chester, Robin and Claire are delighted to work alongside other local leaders in Link Up, a relational network of church and ministry leaders. They are also part of the Core Team for David’s Tent UK, and give time to mentoring leaders across Europe via the Burn 24-7 ‘Field Training’ course.
Robin and Claire have been married for over 30 years and love doing life together. They have three adult children and one very gorgeous grandson. 


Rich Di Castiglione

Rich di Castiglione is UK Director for David’s Tent – a ministry that gathers thousands of people from across all different denominations and church expressions for 72 hours of extravagant non-stop worship every August. David’s Tent also host local worship events around the UK throughout the year and are committed to seeing a new generation of worshippers empowered, equipped and inspired to serve the local church and release the new sound of worship that is rising up in our time.

Rich and his wife Lydia are worship leaders and songwriters with KXC Worship. They are passionate about seeing people walking and worshipping fully in the freedom that Jesus made available at the cross. Their songs ‘Kingdom Come’, ‘All Things New’ and ‘With Me’ are powerful declarations of hope for the poor and broken-hearted. Rich and Lydia have three children and live in Tunbridge Wells.       


Day 3Intercession with Catrina Crout

Session 3 overview: this breakout session will offer the perspective that intercession is both an anointing and a lifestyle, made up of (a rhythm of) prayer, intentionally deepening our intimacy with God and living out our believer’s authority to release and advance the Kingdom of God. The teaching sections of the session will touch on each of these areas as a way of inviting delegates to explore these areas for themselves, both in the session and afterward, individually and corporately with others.


Catrina Crout: is a worship leader, prophetic intercessor and gifted communicator. She is passionate about seeing people connect to the love of the Father, encounter the salvation and freedom of Jesus and live a lifestyle of pursuing the miraculous in joy-filled devotion with Holy Spirit.  A graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and guest speaker at Ministry Schools in England, Catrina also heads up Worship and Prayer Gatherings in her local area. Catrina is on the Senior Leadership Team of Mercy UK, a national Christian charity committed to transforming lives and restoring hope in partnership with local churches through effective discipleship resources, pastoral support services and residential homes for young women with life-controlling issues.

With her own testimony of overcoming abuse, Catrina carries a message of hope for what is possible, loving to help people overcome their past and step into the future God has for them. Committed to investing in fun and well-being, in her spare time, Catrina can usually be found taking spontaneous road-trips, walking local canal ways, drinking freshly roasted coffee with friends or curled up at home with a good book.


Day 1A new Reformation: Transforming Communities by Discipling Local Authorities and Major Employers with David Elverson.

Session Overview: in this practical workshop we will explore what reformation is, how the local church can influence this in its local area, how to engage with major employers and local authorities and how to disciple them to see the power of God transform the organisations and the local place. Real stories will be shared of this in action in the UK and practical tools will be developed, equipping everyone to go home and see the culture of the Kingdom become the overriding culture in decision- making in our local areas.


David and Holly Elverson are the senior leaders of Kingdom Life Church, Norwich. Dave works as a management consultant and is passionate about breaking down the sacred/secular divide. Life for the couple changed dramatically in 2012 when Dave became paralysed due to a rare illness. The prognosis was very bad, but after a few days people prayed for Dave and he walked out of the hospital the next day. Since that time, Holly and Dave have been on a journey of discovery of what more God has in store. Dave has also written a book called ‘Creating a Culture of Overflow’.


Day 2Heaven to Earth Transformational Business with Caroline Anderson.

Session Overview: in the last season there has been a shift in ‘Kingdom Business’ from being a business just based on biblical values to a ‘heaven to earth (H2E)’ approach. This necessitates collaborating with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. In this session we will explore what an H2E business looks like, how it operates, the affect it has on the community and how to make the shift to an H2E business. Jesus prayed, ‘Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,’ – we shall be applying this to our businesses. There will be a unique and challenging opportunity to take a step back and review your business through the lens of heaven, to identify one area of adjustment and create a strategy to implement this.


Caroline Anderson is an experienced leadership coach, mentor and business consultant, having been in leadership herself since she was 13. She has worked in business and the voluntary sector and is highly valued for her wisdom and insight, as well as her ability to get to the heart of even the most challenging of issues. Caroline has also served as Director of Catch the Fire, London, and Co-director, along with her late husband, of Restoring the Foundations UK and Europe. She is currently on the advisory board of Christians In Government.


Day 3 A Strategy for Europe with Paul Manwaring.

Paul  will present the development of the Europe Shall Be Saved, the main challenges and how they were addressed. •The story. •The strategy. •The Harvest Cycle. •Multiplication and Diversification.


Paul Manwaring is on the senior leadership team at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He is founder of Global Legacy and oversees Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s third-year programme, equipping and deploying revivalists. Paul holds a master’s degree in management from Cambridge University and is a registered general and psychiatric nurse, also having a background in prison management. He is married to Sue and in 2016 they relocated back to the UK – together they travel extensively throughout Europe.


Day 1Working Together Relationally in Apostolic Purpose with Ian and Marj Rossol, John and Christine Larkin and Tim and Sue Eldridge. 

Session overview: we see the ‘apostolic’ as leaders working together in strategic purpose to see the Body of Christ equipped, empowered and released.  This includes operation of the five-fold and wider ministries, but within a context which places a high value on relationship. This session will challenge your thinking about what it means to be apostolic today.  All six of the session leaders have been part different apostolic streams and cultures in the UK over the past 40 years.  We are passionate about creating contexts to share and serve the wider church across a region, nation or continent. We have experienced the good and the ‘not so good’ of apostolic organisation and maintain a passion to see leaders working together in unity, celebrating diversity.

Come with us to explore some of the key issues for an apostolic model of church in the European, post-modern context we live in today.  We will consider relationship preceding function, organisation without institution, being catalysts not controllers, how the prophetic needs an apostolic context and the power of agreement.   We will look at the challenge of serving in a wider team and context while maintaining responsibility for our individual ministries and callings.


Our Team is Kingdom Connections:


Chris and John Larkin: Chris is based in Southampton and works with networks and churches across the UK and internationally, as well as being part of the leadership of Restoration House, a church based ministry which serves Christians across the south of England. For many years she worked closely with Graham Cooke, running Schools of Prophecy.


Ian & Marj Rossol: are based at All Nations’ Church, Leicester and have served in church leadership for over 30 years. They have an apostolic/prophetic ministry serving churches in the UK & Internationally.


Tim & Sue Eldridge are based in Harrogate, UK and travel itinerantly with Presence Ministries International throughout the UK & Continental Europe. They have an apostolic ministry to many churches and mentor a growing number of younger couples in ministry.


Day 2 – Gathered to Scatter with Phil and Sarah Smith

We will consider how orientating the church towards the three values of •encountering God, •empowering people and •engaging the city form the base for a community that can bring revival to individuals, reformation to the systems and structures of society they are immersed in, and renaissance to the artistry and thinking of the culture around them.

A big perspective shift in this journey is considering the purpose of the gathered church and starts with the reality that “I will never get ALL of the city INTO my church, but I can get ALL of my church INTO the city”, empowering people to live the ‘normal Christian life’ as they bring the reality of heaven and God’s Kingdom to wherever they show up in life.

Being ‘Gathered to Scatter’ changes the focus, orientation and strategy of a church community that is seeking to grow in its apostolic (sent) nature.


Phil and Sarah Smith have a heart for Manchester and this sets the course for their church community. Inspirational and strategic, they lead Vinelife Church, Manchester. They are part of the Jesus Culture family of churches, receiving ongoing support and encouragement from them, particularly through Phil and Sarah’s friendship with Banning Leibscher as well as the wider team.


Day 3 Apostolic Models Pioneered in Mainland Europe with Ian and Marj Rossol 

With contributions from Martin and Heike Spreer (Germany), Jean-Phi Domingues (France), Steve and Lynn Blackah (France) and Thierry and Monique Juvet (Switzerland).


Session Overview: New apostolic models  – where the body of Christ is being built up, equipped, activated and released – are emerging across continental Europe. The emergence of indigenous European models has been largely unreported in the Christian literatureThis session introduces European leaders from different nations in the continent, all of whom have testimonies of supernatural breakthrough as they have intentionally aligned with apostolic relationship and purpose. The creative expression of the multi-faceted grace of Jesus within a European context is exciting and inspiring. This session celebrates the goodness of God that is currently being witnessed on our continent and will inspire delegates to work with the grace on their own lives that is so fruitfully out worked in the context of apostolic culture. 


Ian and Marj Rossol: are based at All Nations’ Church, Leicester and have served in church leadership for over 30 years. They are recognised as a spiritual mum and dad in their home congregation and in recent years have been released to minister to leaders and churches both within the UK and internationally.


Equipping in Loving and Leading People to Jesus with Judah and Rachel Cole, and team.

To receive the most from this track, delegates are encouraged to book all 3 days as each day builds on the previous one.

Session Overview: this track will inspire you to live a life of loving and leading people to Jesus. We will equip you and build your confidence, cover sharing your story how to love people well, how to talk about Jesus, how to move in power and authority and how to lead people to Jesus. There will be an opportunity to go on the streets of Bradford to love and lead people to Jesus.


Judah and Rachel Cole are the Senior Leaders of OpenWell Church and the founders of JesusLoves and VIP. They love people and have a passion to see people transformed through an experience with God’s love. They live to love and release people int their destiny. Over the last 10 years they have planted 3 churches and helped equip hundreds of people to love and lead others to Jesus. They are both quality communicators and love to preach and lead people to Jesus.

JesusLoves is a conference dedicated to equipping, evangelism and encounter.













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